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WE HELP YOU GROW & EARN MONEY ONLINE! Affiliate Program is designed in such a way that you will never think of any other program on internet. Join our affiliate program and start earning money online. Each time you refer a customer or friend you earn commission up to 50% each time.

Its Easy!

Its really simple sign up for any Income Ready™ plan, you are automatically qualify and added to our affiliate program.

We Pay!

Affiliates are paid every 10 Days through checks, online transfer  in Malaysia. International affiliates are paid via Paypal. All affiliate payments are subject to minimum cash out i.e. RM100. You can always use your commission income to buy Affiliate Stores No restriction, No minimum Cash out. All affiliates have to earn minimum cash out i.e. RM200.

Double Your Income!

Sky is the limit! you can earn up to 5-50% commission and there is no limit to how much users you refer in a month. We are growing and people are making 4 figures each month just through referring. However, you can always double your income by creating affiliate store by using your un-paid commissions.

Work From Home!

Jomdating Affiliate program is 100% flexible choose your own timings, work online or offline, work from home or even during your vacations. No matters where you are from, where you live or what you do, work part time or  full time absolutely your own schedule.

How it Works

Online Earning with Affiliate Marketing and Internet Advertising!

First of all everyone asks us How Earn Money Online with Affiliate or Internet Marketing? However the answer is very simple “The process through which publishers refer consumers to retailers is called Affiliate or Internet Marketing. Furthermore there are many ways to earn online money through affiliate marketing programs. Therefore we had chosen the best affiliate marketing & online earning programs for our customers. In addition our online Affiliate Store helps clients for online money earning easy and fast. So start Online Work today!

How to Get Started?

Simply Register for Any Income Ready Plan